Favorite Dish

CA7BD60C-58E0-4738-8D16-5204BB3463DDDo you have a favorite meal? Mine is Pasta & Fagioli. The type of food we are drawn to can hint to our ethnic roots. Now that is not to say that we don’t enjoy foods from other cultures—I love wonton soup and on occasion crave Indian food.  I do, however, find myself drawn to the smells I grew up with as they often remind me of my childhood experiences—like fresh basil or oregano, especially on the top of homemade pizza (hungry yet?). This week I will try and post my daughter’s favorite dish, stuffed pasta shells with ricotta. When I asked her why she loves it so much she said “ It has the perfect blend of cheese and pasta and nothing is more Italian than that”.

🍐Inspire: Make someone their favorite dish when they least expect it.

I would love to hear what you made, why and the reaction.






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