Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus


The saying “anything wrapped in bacon is good” was never more true than with this side dish/appetizer. This is a great way to BBQ asparagus and make something so simple look elegant. Pairs nicely with fish or meat. Wrap one asparagus spear with a prosciutto slice or wrap 2-3 thin spears together.

Prep: 5 min

BBQ: 10 min


  • Prosciutto (Italian ham), several slices
  • Asparagus bunch


  1. Wash and prepare asparagus. Hold both ends of an asparagus spear and gently bend until it snaps into two. Discard the woody bottom end.
  2. Loosely wrap asparagus with prosciutto so that stem is mostly covered.
  3. Place on bbq and cook until vegetable is tender and prosciutto is crispy.

🍐 TIP: 

I used my indoor grill and it worked beautifully.




5 thoughts on “Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

  1. Beautiful! I love BBQ asparagus! As well as elevating any dish, I actually think they make a great snack too! I did a similar bite as an appetizer this Christmas that is posted on my blog…marinated asparagus with goat cheese and wrapped with prosciutto. Yummy, and as you know, everything is great with prosciutto! Grazie!

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