🎄 Christmas Baking, Italian style



As a Christmas baby I have always enjoyed two celebrations this time of year.  I  looked forward to my mother’s holiday baking and her homemade Pita Piata. This pastry is a traditional, Italian cake which is popular in Calabria and may have originated from that area. Calabria is a region in southern Italy and was home to both my parents prior to immigration. The Pita Piata has a cinnamon, raisin and nut filling topped with a drizzle of honey. The preparation of this dessert is truly a labour of love as it can take up to 3 hours to make. Each step reminds me of my cultural roots and family traditions. Mostly, it reminds me of my mother who always found time to make my birthday special in her own loving way.  To all of you reading this may your holiday celebrations, whatever they may be, bring you joy and remind you of what really matters in life— 💕💕💕

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